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Adhirsam Recipe:
(Category: Indian Sweets)
Adhirsam Recipe
Vegetarian Recipe for Adhirsam<--This is a Vegetarian Recipe Recipe Rating: 3.33
Recipe Rating: 3.33
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Rice - 1/2 kg,
jaggery - 300g

Soak rice for half hour and spread it on a large cloth or
newspaper for about half an hour. The rice will become
almost dry but still slightly damp.Powder it using a
mixie. To make jaggery syrup, dissolve 300g jaggery in
minimum water and mix well. Heat this until the syrup
becomes thick like a paste. To test this, drop a very
small quantity of the syrup in water. it should solidify
immediately. Mix it with the powdered rice and mix well
like a dough. Cover it in a vessel and leave it for about
8 hours.Heat 2 cups of oil in a frying pan. Place a ball
of this flour on a plastic sheet and flatten it by hand so
that it becomes a flat round shape. deep fry this in oil,
turning it until it turns golden brown evenly on both
sides. After removing from oil, remove excess oil by
pressing this between two plates.
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