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gooseberry pickles Recipe:
(Category: Chutneys / Pickles)
gooseberry pickles Recipe
Vegetarian Recipe for gooseberry pickles<--This is a Vegetarian Recipe Recipe Rating: 0
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big goosberry - 1/2 kg
red chilli powder - 100gms
salt - 100gms
hing - 1tbsp
turmeric powder - a pinch
oil - 2 tsp
for grinding : fenugreek
seeds - 1 tsp
for seasoning : oil - 2tsp
mustard seeds -1 tsp & hing
1 tsp

pour the oil ina pan and fry the
gooseberry finely . keep theflame as
medium and close a lid for the
gooseberry to fry quickly.
cool the cooked gooseberry and then
smash it lightly to remove the seeds
from each gooseberry.
In the pan pour the oil and add the
mustard seeds and when the mustard
seeds begin to sputter and the hing
and fry for a while and then add
these to the gooseberry.
Dry fry the fenugreek seeds and grind
it to the powder in the mixture and
add it to the pickle.
heat one more teaspoon of oil and
add in to the pickle.
add the turmeric powder , red chilli
powder. and salt and mix it with the
gooseberry and store it in the jar.

(Recipe Submitted by: anuradha)
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